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Who We Are

We are Integrated Labor Solutions (ILS), a privately owned company with a focus on helping our clients improve the lives of public employees nationwide. We’re proud to have provided membership technology, benefit services, financial management and consulting to public sector unions and associations since 2000.

What We Do

We’ve been doing this awhile. We know that our clients are complex and that no two are alike.


We provide customizable public employee benefit programs, services, and labor union/association management software tailored to each organization’s unique requirements, business structure, organizational goals, and member profiles.


By offering a fully managed, well-rounded portfolio of voluntary benefits supported by i:Que, our cloud-based membership management software system, we ensure the efficacy and reach of our clients’ member benefits programs are maximized, adding value to the membership proposition and enhancing every aspect of performance.


Our team stays continuously updated on industry trends and customer feedback, so you can relax in knowing we’re always fully up to speed on the ever-changing union landscape.

Why We Do It

We’re personally invested in our products  and services , with a keen awareness of and appreciation for unions and the people they represent. ILS is committed to exceeding expectations with each new client we add to our growing list – empowering every administrator, every member to meet their full potential.


We take pride in the standards we’ve set for quality, consistently reliable performance, and expertise in membership management software solutions. It’s a niche we know well, and one in which we have excelled as a leader.

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